Gigs that the band has played since creating this website in June 2007.


Sat Aug 19   Family celebration ceilidh at The Corn Barn, Cullompton EX15 1NF. 19:00-22:00.  Caller: Simon Maplesden, [S,Pe,Pa,C]

Sat July 08   Wedding reception at Tracey Estate, Awliscombe EX14 3NW. 'Festival' music. 15:00-16:00. [S,Pe,Pa,C]

Sat  July 01   Wedding ceilidh at Exe Valley Weddings, Pitt Farm, Thorverton  EX5 5LL. 19:00-20:00.  Caller: Simon Maplesden. [S,Pe,Pa,C]

Sat June 10  Wedding reception at Sellake Farm, Uplowman EX16 7DJ. 16:30-18:30   [S,Pe,Pa,C] 


Fri Dec 17 Wedding celebration at Huntsham Court, Huntsham EX16 7NA.  8.00-11.30 pm.  Caller: Simon Maplesden. [S, Pe, Pa, G]


All gigs booked had to be postponed or cancelled because of Covid19.

St Andrews Church Hall, Rowbarton, Taunton - public dance, Church Ceilidh - caller Simon Maplesden  POSTPONED

Willand Folk Dance Club - All dances CANCELLED for this season

Harvest Supper, St Andrew's Cullompton - CANCELLED.

The Corn Barn - private wedding.  Caller Jane Thomas. POSTPONED

Burlescombe Village Hall EX16 7JW, Public dance POSTPONED

Sat Jan 25 - King George V Memorial Hall, Holcombe Rogus, Wellington, Somerset TA21 0PF-Burns' Night Supper Dance - caller Sarah Clough (7:00pm) (S, Pe, Pa, G)

Sat Jan 18th - The Venue, Cullompton Community Centre, Devon, EX15 1JX - Burns' Night Supper Dance - caller Simon Maplesden (7:00pm) (S, Pe, Pa, G) 


Sat Nov 02 - St Andrews Church Hall, Rowbarton, Taunton - public dance; Church Ceilidh - caller Simon Maplesden - (7:00pm) (Pe, Pa, G) 

Sat Oct 26 - Offwell Village Hall, Nr Honiton, Devon, EX14 9SE  - Wedding (private) - caller Mark Moran(5.30pm) (Pe, A, G)

Sat Oct 12 - The Venue, Cullompton, Devon, EX14 3AF - Golden wedding (private) - caller Simon Maplesden (7:30pm) (G, Pe, Pa)

Sat Oct 05 - Templeton Church Harvest Supper, (7.00 pm) (A, Pe, Pa)

Sat Oct 05 - Padbrook Park Hotel, Cullompton, Devon, EX15 1RU  - Wedding Anniversary (private)
- caller Simon Maplesden - (14:30) (Pe, Pa)

Fri Oct 04 - Halberton Village Hall, Tiverton EX16 7AF - Charity Barn Dance - caller Simon Maplesden (6:30pm) (G, Pa, Pe)

SatSep 28 - The Venue, Cullompton Community Centre, Devon, EX15 1JX - Harvest Supper Dance- caller Simon Maplesden (7:00pm) (Pe, A)

Fri Sep 06 - Beambridge Inn, Nr Wellington, TA21 0HB - Fundraising Barn Dance for Rockwell Green Church Steeple – caller Simon Maplesden (7:30pm) (o)cancelled

Fri Aug 16 - Burlescombe Village Hall, EX16 7JW - Church Dance - caller Simon Maplesden (7:30pm) (G, P, Pe)

Sun May 26 - Crosspark Farm, Petrockstowe, Okehampton, EX20 3QQ - Wedding (private) – caller Jeremy Child (6:00pm) (Pe)

Wed May 22 - Gittisham Village Hall, Nr Honiton, Devon, EX14 3AF - Gittisham Folk Dance Club – caller Jeremy Child (8pm) (?)

Thu Apr 11 - Willand Village Hall, Willand, EX152PL - Willand Folk Dance Club - callerTBC (08:00pm) (?)

Sat Mar 30 - St Andrews Church Hall, Rowbarton, Taunton - Church Ceilidh - caller Simon Maplesden- (7:00pm) (o)

Fri Mar 29 -The Castle School, Wellington Rd, Taunton, TA15AU - Wedding Anniversary (private) – caller Simon Maplesden- (20:15) (g)

Tue Mar 19 - Sidford Community Hall, Nr Sidmouth, Devon, EX10 9Q - Sidford FDC- caller Jeremy Child (7.30pm) (o)

Sat Mar 09 -Uplowman Village Hall - Soroptimists Ceilidh - Caller Simon Maplesden (7:00pm) (g)

Sat Jan 19 - The Venue, Cullompton Community Centre, Devon, EX151JX - Burns Night Supper Dance - caller Mary Marker (7:00pm) (a)

Fri Jan 11 - Countess Weir Village Hall, Exeter, Devon, EX26LB - Exeter Contra – caller Jeremy Child (7:30pm) (o)